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» I have weeds in my pavers, how do I get rid of them?

Asked by Paul

» Can you replace asphalt with pavers on my driveway apron?

Asked by Lisa

» Do I need to seal my paver patio?

Asked by Mr. Smith

» Do you put down a weed fabric under your pavers?

Asked by Jack C.

» I have a low area in the middle of my paver patio, can it be fixed or do I have to take up the whole patio?

Asked by Drew H.

» Can I put pavers down in my driveway?

Asked by Mr. Roberts

General questions

» Do you bill each time you come out or offer monthly payments?

Asked by Sarah W.

» My Cherry Laurels have holes in the leaves. What is wrong with them?

Asked by Molly G.

» 7/29/11 - My plants look like they are dying, what should I do?

Asked by Andrew W.

» How do I keep the deer from eating my plants?

Asked by David R.


» Do I need to mulch every year?

Asked by Jake K.

» My Holly tree has brown leaves after the winter. Is it dying?

Asked by Mr. M

» Is now a good time to prune my trees and shrubs?

Asked by Larry

» I have crabgrass in my lawn can it be treated this time of year?

Asked by Diane

» Do I need to water my new landscape?

Asked by Mr. Wilson

» Should I Lime?

Asked by Kris

» My current grass cutter cuts my grass too short. What is the correct height?

Asked by Jason

» Is it too early to remove my annuals?

Asked by Joan

» Is mulching season over?

Asked by Mr. Doel

» When is a good time to transplant?

Asked by Randy L.

» How do I get rid of thistle?

Asked by Adam S.

» What is the flourescent green grass growing in my flower beds and lawn?

Asked by Richard M.

» What can I do to repair my lawn that was damaged from the hot, dry summer?

Asked by Carrie B.

» What type of grass seed is best to use in this area?

Asked by Steve H.

» My husband cuts our grass 3 inches high, is that too high?

Asked by Grace C.

» How can I get rid of weeds in my lawn?

Asked by Sam J.

» Should I fertilize my plants?

Asked by Charley Y.


» Is the cost of electric high for this type of lighting?

Asked by Mr. Henry

» Why do you do low voltage lighting and not regular 120 volt lights?

Asked by Mr. Young


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