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Hardscaping is a relatively new term that describes the use of different types of stone in your landscape. At JL Weitzel Landscaping we use all types of materials, from 2000 pound boulders that add color and dimension to your landscape to decorative stone that emphasize outline and plant life. We can create patios made of interlocking concrete pavers, flagstone, bluestone, and many other natural stone products for the ever so beautiful look of natural stone patios, walkways, and sitting walls.  JL Weitzel Landscaping can also use boulders as accents in custom built retaining walls which give your walls a unique look, or if you are looking for something different we can build entire walls out of boulders.

Through our partners and our mass purchasing we have the ability to hand pick directly from the quarry, which is something most consumers do not get to do. This allows us to hand pick boulders that not only will fit in size, but also create the perfect color combination for you wall.

With simple hardscaping design and installation, we can add tremendous value to your property. By choosing JL Weitzel Landscaping to design and install your hardscaping you will be able to enjoy coming home even more.  Adding simple touches of hardscaping throughout your property, and by creating a balance of landscaping and hardscaping, the look of your property will be taken to a new level.  To learn more about what we can do for you, then simply give us a call or contact us by email. We will be happy to work with you on any project and give you guidance upon request as to how to combine the perfect mixture of stones and plant life.

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JL Weitzel is a fully certified landscaping company and has a long list of credentials to back all services offered.

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